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Ikamva Lesizwe Institute was formed in 2016 to respond to numerous health-related crises affecting young people of South Africa, especially those undergoing the ritual of male initiation. In particular, Ikamva’s mission is to provide support to government and other concerned agencies in certain regions of the country, by facilitating and improving the integration of safe and healthy processes and traditional male initiation, among other things.

Ikamva Lesizwe Institute’s approach to its work revolves around working with local communities and traditional leadership structures, to create an environment of consensus and mutual support.

In addition to its founding director, Ikamva’s intervention in communities relies on a number of stakeholders. These include medical practitioners and other health professionals, who are contracted by Ikamva whenever needed; local facilitators or gatekeepers who assist in reaching and educating local people about the pending intervention in their communities.

Importantly, Ikamva teams in different localities work hand in hand with traditional custodians of traditional male initiation, which could be traditional leaders or other leaders in the community. Ikamva’s work is done in such a way that it respects and is sensitive to local cultures, politics and vulnerabilities. For this reason, Ikamva intends to work with institutions (government or other agencies) that are similarly respectful of, and sensitive to, these local culture, politics and vulnerabilities.


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Ikamva Lesizwe Institute

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