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The Traditional Male Initiation (TMI) work of Ikamva is led by Ayanda Nqeketo, the founder and director of Ikamva.
Ayanda trained as a medical anthropologist, with a BA, BA Hons and MA degrees. More specifically, Ayanda’s MA thesis research was on traditional male initiation.
Ayanda has extensive experience in the area of traditional male Initiation (TMI), and HIV/AIDS.
He grew up in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.
Over the years, he established and maintained excellent relations with both national and provincial departments of health and traditional leadership, as well as plays a technical advisory role on traditional male initiation.
In 2013-2015 Ayanda focused on providing technical support to the South Africa Government (SAG) in the development of national strategies, plans and updating HIV/Prevention guidelines.
Emphasis was on defining National Department of Health (NDOH) optimal combination packages of interventions that target young men.

Ayanda continued support to South African Government’s implementation of the National Department of Health’s HIV prevention Strategy for the Health Sector. He supported the NDOH during its engagements with the provinces regarding development and allocation of provincial budgets, under the HIV and AIDS conditional grant mechanism, to cover the costs associated with contracting private health practitioners to integrate medical intervention traditional male initiation (TMI).

Ayanda offered technical assistance to establish and maintain dialogue between NDOH and congress of traditional leaders of SA around the utilization and integration of private practitioners to traditional initiation practices, with the aim of improving the safe delivery of safe male initiation.
In addition to these experiences, Ayanda has over a decade experience as a researcher and facilitator in rural areas, on a range of issues affecting the local communities. Some of his work and views have been published in international academic journals, as well as in newspapers.

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