Some Information about all services that Ikamva Instittute provides. 

Facilitation, management and monitoring of interventions 

On behalf of the state and other agencies seeking to positively intervene in ritual male initiation, Ikamva aims to play that role in specific local areas. This may include facilitating the involvement of specialists (e.g. medical specialists, nurses, traditional surgeons, etc) in making specific, targeted interventions. This implies removing a layer of bureaucracy between the practitioners and the state or other intervening agencies. Ikamva develops monitoring and evaluation strategies for ensuring that work commissioned by the state and other agencies is done satisfactorily. Some of the work that Ikamva does to facilitate external interventions within ritual male initiation processes includes training of traditional surgeons and traditional nurses.

Stakeholder coordination 

Since one of the challenges facing ritual male initiation is the lack of involvement of, or tensions between, key stakeholders concerned about the ritual, there is a need to coordinate stakeholders in a particular locality, in such a way that the processes of intervention (discussions and implementation) are seen as inclusive, organized, culturally and politically sensitive to local dynamics.


There is need to get a better sense of challenges and possible areas of intervention on the ground, through detailed understandings that are informed by local conditions, including people in particular localities through a systematic application of social science procedures and problem- solving kind of research. The research could either be one-off activity to get a broader overview, or regular, targeted situational analysis to precede all interventions in an area.


Among many challenges facing the male initiation ritual is the level of understanding of both the dangers and potential solutions by the public, and indeed by the future initiates. Both the public (e.g. parents) and prospective initiates need to receive adequate education about the process in their communities, and in as sensitive manner as possible. This means that an Ikamva makes an attempt to be sensitive to both cultural protocols, but also to people’s Constitutional rights not to be discriminated against.

Ikamva Lesizwe Institute

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